Oh crap, it actually works

This is list of projects I would like to work on at some point, but haven't yet found the time to do so. Some of them may have a some work done, but not enough to be published. Names are not final.

File Transformer

A bulk file transformer to help me manage my large music library, by condensing it into only the music I want to, and encoding it to a lower, phone-friendly codec + bitrate.

Status: Almost ready for a public repository.

Turn Based Action Engine

An engine for creating turn based video games, such as Civilization. The unique selling point of this engine is that players make their moves simultaneously, and then the engine resolves them at once. This has two strong advantages:

It is very difficult to resolve conflicts between players. May not be feasible.

Status: Lots of design work and prototying needed.

DVD/Blu-ray Title DB

A database mapping the titles on DVD and Blu-ray discs to actual names, similarly to how MusicBrainz + Picard works. A client application would integrate with MakeMKV to extract titles and generate a unique disc id. The client would query a server for the disc id, and any already submitted title names. If a disc couldn't be found, the user can fill out the title names themselves and optionally submit their names to the database.

Status: Not started